Oil Paintings of Florida
John Sterpe

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Last update, September 21st 2022



Remnants of Mill pond

Gift of the river spirit

Keeper of the springs

Chasing Hurricanes

Misty dawn

Armadillo mountains

In front of the tub

The spillway

Archives of the paintings

The Stantaffey river

The Chassahowitzka

Ichetucknee Springs

Suwannee River

The Silver River

Rock Springs

Rainbow Springs

Cayo Costa

Cape Romano

Florida Beaches

Florida Everglades

Florida Landscapes

Florida Lighthouses

Paintings of High Springs Florida

The misty morning series

Other paintings

You are not just a customer,
you are the fine art and a beautiful oil painting.

Re-mastered ink and oil on canvas

The land of the armadillos

High Springs City Hall of  1940

I  met Vincent Van Gogh in a vortex , he is alive and well
 Little Awesome vortex 2019

Rock Springs

Gateway into dusk


Quiet Energy

Misty Morning on the Santa Fe river

Jonathan Spring

Studio in the forest
This is not a business, this is the collection

Trail to the cabin

Saint Marks

Falling Creek Falls


The Alluvial fan 2017

Keepers of the Santa Fe River
(The song) 2011

Keepers of the Santa Fe River part 2,
 seven years later , 2018

Let the river flow (song Lyrics) 2014

River of Springs (Song Lyrics) 2015

Time stands still (Song lyrics ) 2017

Going to the river (song lyrics) 2018

River rat rap (song lyrics) 2018

Ole wood canoe (The story)

Swept away 1999 (The story)

Then, we will Know ( poem)

The Florida Maple tree

Quotes by John Sterpe

In memory of my cat

About the artist

The Alluvial plain 2017

July Spring 2011, Thornbrook

I like to thank you all  for playing your part
 in the artwork I have created, you said I was an artist so I just went along with it, and now   
you have a beautiful oil painting and a
story or a song that goes with  it.
Thank you for your support all these years,
I  have not been to an art show in many years,
  and I do not show the oil paintings in any art gallery's or art co-ops , I do not endorse any environmental groups or non-profit  organizations,  be aware of the ones that ask for  donations and say it is for a good cause.

You might be one of the lucky ones that has somehow aquired one of my paintings,  now you are the curator that protects one or more of  so many John Sterpe oil paintings out there that I have lost count,
As long as I have the inspiration of a scene to paint,  I will be thinking of the next brushstroke, the next color of paint to put onto a canvas and then I will add it to the collection
 from time to time.
Thank you

Sincerely John Sterpe 

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 Est. 1996 -2022 Oil paintings of Florida by John Sterpe all rights reserved ©