Oil Paintings of Florida

Est.1996  Oil paintings of Florida by John Sterpe all rights reserved

For  viewing pleasure only


Oil paintings of the Silver River and Juniper Springs Ocala 

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fern hammock.jpg (81422 bytes) fern hammock foot bridge tn.jpg (18547 bytes)
silver river texture tn.jpg (25014 bytes) Baby moorhen 2.jpg (73602 bytes) sweetwater run tn.jpg (15428 bytes)
old juniper mill house 2.jpg (86819 bytes) sweetwater spring 2.jpg (92208 bytes) fern hammock 2.jpg (114494 bytes) siler river rest area tn.jpg (15752 bytes)
fern hammock boils tn.jpg (16039 bytes) juniper boat launch 2.jpg (107820 bytes) old juniper water wheel 2.jpg (94882 bytes) Juniper creek run 2.jpg (91032 bytes) salt springs 2.jpg (106754 bytes)
oak over sweetwater 2.jpg (71929 bytes) salt spring tn.jpg (16427 bytes) silver river 12x16 tn.jpg (24415 bytes)