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John Sterpe

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Disclosure , I like saying I am an underground artist because I do not follow the standards of the art world ,  the Sterpe oil paintings are not to be found in any art galleries or candy stores that call themselves art galleries , I had tried it for a few days and it was very embarrassing, that was the time I learned  most  "galleries"  will rise the price of the oil paintings up 40%, and more, the  perspective  buyer of my art will have missed the chance to meet me in person, a dealer will take advantage of the sale, raise the price and take credit for the art, I advise that it is best that you deal directly with me or any artist for that matter, save some money and stay away from the "Galleries"  when you purchase a beautiful oil painting  from me, you are much more than  a customer, you become the curator and my friend that will take care of the  painting that somehow has caught your eye and I created it for you.

 I am pretty much a recluse, I never did join an art co-op and no longer do art shows, it was fun while it lasted, I like doing my own thing,  I am an self taught artist,  I like it this way a lot, everything is in its place, the setting is just right, there is always a new painting being created on the easel, I will get them uploaded to the website often, thank you.

Back in the days in which the dinosaurs roamed the earth, when the earth was plush with its beauty, cavemen, my ancestors made paint brushes with the whiskers of a T-REX and created vast paintings in their cave dwellings, seems as though these prehistoric skills had passed on up from generations to generations, created as a gift from the mighty creator and for some reason passed on up to me.

To be continued

  Born in the year of 1958 , a heir to a generation of artists dating back into the 1800s and beyond, Born in early November a small hospital in Syracuse, New York, where the winters are cold, long, and stormy. I do not remember much of my life in the suburb called Liverpool New York, I did a few drawings and my mother gave me a full set of grumbacher oil paint. During one of the snow blizzards of 1976, I decided to head south. Packing up a few belongings into an old backpack, I hitched a ride, beginning an unknown journey and I somehow ended up on Miami Beach living in the abandoned Cabanas of the seagull Hotel. Those tropical breezes captured me, the swaying of the coconut palms and the warm emerald waters of the Atlantic Ocean. I was 17 years young, It was the Miami area that I dwelt for the next 25 years. I had learned the trade of finishing carpentry, while remodeling condos that lined the Miami Beach area. My work included numerous projects all over south Florida. I found the real Florida when I started Kayak camping in 1996, The beauty of Florida was very inspiring. I wanted to keep this image with me and to show people where I was and what I was seeing, With that in mind, I began to put these images down on canvas. I painted for my own enjoyment, I had no idea this was a hidden talent, many have said it is a gift from God, many others said for me to put the hammer down and to protect my hands, keep painting scenes of Florida, from Key West, Cape Romano, Cayo Costa, East Coast and the West Coast, the Everglades and all the way up the spine of Florida to the panhandle of Florida. The talent had been giving to me as a gift, inspired, I continue to paint in this small part of the world, Florida is what I like to paint, here you will find it on canvas www.paintingsofflorida.com Today, I seek out what is left of the secret places in which no human has set foot on, it is becoming very difficult to find, the inspiration is to paint what one would think of as the other Florida, perhaps limestone Karst outcroppings that line the banks of a pristine river and the hopes of a 10 foot sturgeon will jump over my kayak in the middle of the Suwannee river, Have you ever seen a cool mist rising over the river in a sunlit dawn? this is what I look for, So with that, my short story, all is well, here in the woods with the wildlife, a few pet cats that walk in peace with the deer and the other critters of the forest. Thank you Sincerely John Sterpe




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